The 1921 shilling
Mintage: 522,000
Mint: Sydney
Mint mark: None (see below)

The assertion that the 1921 shilling does not have a mint mark deserves explanation.

All shillings dated 1921 were minted in Sydney and all have a small 5-pointed star above the date. However that star was not intended as a mint mark and instead was supposed to signify a change in silver content. The silver content didn't change but the star remained anyway.

The Melbourne mint struck 1.122,000 shillings in 1921 but they all bore the date 1920. The 1921 shilling is difficult to find in high grades and is almost as scarce as the 1933 shilling.

Reverse of 1921 shilling

Flat-base lettering on reverse legend.
141 rim denticles.

No reported varieties.

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