The 1913 florin


Mint: London
Mint mark: None
Mintage: 1,200,000

The 1913 florin occurs in at least two varieties. One has a fairly upright 13 and the other has the 13 sloping slightly more to the left but the difference is very subtle. Another distinguishing feature is the alignment of the second 1 in the date with the rim denticles below it. On the latter variety, the 1 is squarely over a denticle whereas on the latter the 1 is slightly offset and aligned more over the gap between two denticles. Overall, it seems to me that the date is slightly wider on the latter variety but I lack the means to verify that assertion.

There may be a third variety, similar to the first mentioned above, but with the second 1 closer to the centreline of the coin.

Click here or on any of the images for a close-up view of the date areas of the specimens.

All varieties have flat-base lettering on the reverse legend.

Reverse of 1913 florin


Second 1 of date is upright and is aligned almost over the gap between two rim denticles.


Second 1 of date slopes to the left and is aligned directly above a rim denticle.


Similar to the first variety in that the second 1 of date is upright but the 1 is closer to the centreline of the coin and is aligned directly over the gap between two rim denticles.

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