The 1912 florins


Mint: London
Mint mark: None
Mintage: 1,292,130

166 rim denticles on reverse. Legend has flat-base lettering.

Two varieties of this coin were listed without identification by John Dean in "The 1965 Australian Coin Varieties Catalogue". I believe the varieties shown below are the ones JD listed.

Reverse of 1912 florin


2nd 1 in date is upright and is positioned directly over a rim denticle.


2nd 1 in date leans slightly to the left and is positioned over the gap between two rim denticles.
Enlargements of the date

Enlargement of the date portion of the first 1912 florin showing the position of the second 1 directly over a rim denticle.

Enlargement of the date of the second 1912 florin above showing how the second 1 in the date is tilted slightly and is not aligned directly over a rim denticle.

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