The 1911 florins


Mint: London
Mint mark: None
Mintage: 907,870

166 rim denticles on reverse. Legend has flat-base lettering.

As far as I am aware, there has been no report of any varieties of this coin - until now (19/12/1999).

Reverse of 1911 florin


2nd 1 in date is upright and is positioned slightly to the left of a gap between two rim denticles. The second and third 1s converge.


2nd 1 in date leans slightly to the left and is positioned directly over the gap between two rim denticles. The final two 1s are almost parallel.
Enlargements of the date

Enlargement of the date portion of the first 1911 florin showing the upright orientation of the second 1 and its alignment neither directly over a rim denticle nor directly over the gap between denticles..

Enlargement of the date of the second 1911 florin above showing how the second 1 in the date is tilted slightly and is aligned directly over a gap between two rim denticles.

And then there were three ...

Just after I had prepared and published the page as above, along came this coin:

A third variety?

This one doesn't quite match either of the two varieties shown above although it is more similar to the first than the second.

Click on the image to see more ...

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